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Se Yoga by Nature

The Sylvia Desroses Experience

A one day wellness retreat on the magical island of Martinique


Meet Sylvia Ebony

Master Sylvia Ebony DESROSES

Se Yoga, the Path of Destiny

Sylvia DESROSES is the Master Instructor and founder of Se Yoga.

She created her own discipline and style of Yoga through years of research and practice across the globe, in Europe (France, United Kingdom), Africa (Benin, Togo), United States and Central America.

Sylvia is a certified Yoga teacher, Herbalist and Holistic Life Coach, who helps many people around the world to improve their lives by helping them achieve their health and wellness goals. Sylvia is passionate about Nature and Life. She is one of the first certified Francophone instructors in African Yoga.

Of Martinican and Beninese origins, this traveler and lifestylist was born in France. She is now based in Martinique in the Caribbean, the native islands of her parents. It's been more than 10 years since Sylvia started Yoga and holistic pratices as a way to reconnect with herself, to face difficult times. Thanks to her personal practice, Sylvia has freed herself from traumas, fears and experience inner awakenings. She is now committed to sharing these practices with the world.

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