Goddess Retreat

October 18-24, 2019


The Goddess Retreat is a 5-day immersion where our guests will assist you to heal and heal the divine feminine.

Our series of retreats on the goddess was organized to support your healing for your union with the divine male. We have joined the most extraordinary group of practitioners to help you on your journey.


You will discover how to embody all your divine divine gifts and harness the strengths of every facet of your divine feminine potential in your daily life and also in your relationships.


Take advantage of the daily SE yoga to activate your Shakti in each of your energy centers through yoga postures adapted to all levels, guided meditations, free form dance and sacred breathing practices.

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Highlights of the stay


- Private consultation with Liana Naima

- Daily classes of SE Yoga

- Many Wellness Workshops

- Private Chef of Afro-Végane Cuisine

- Visit the exceptional sites of Grenda


- Octobre 11-24, 2019 in Grenada

- 1 880,00 $ per person / Single Occupancy (early bird).

- 2 200 $ after 4/30/19.

- All inclusive accommodations, airfare not included.

Deposit: $ 350,00 USD to reserve your accommodation.

Please note that deposits (first installments) are non-refundable.


October 18th,


Private Shuttle from Airport to Villa
Welcome Dinner
Intention Setting Ceremony


October 19th,


Sunrise Yoga
Silent Meditation on the Beach
1:1 Meeting with Liana
Reflective Journaling
Cacao + Breathwork Meditation


october 20th 2019

Sunrise Yoga
Silent Meditation on the Beach
Waterfall Picnic
Candlelit Spiritual Conversation


October 21st, 2019

Sunrise Yoga
Silent Meditation on the Beach
Rainforest Hike
Cacao + Breathwork Meditation
Closing Bonfire Ceremony


October, 22nd 2019

Private Shuttle Departure to Airport

Our Hosts


Liana Naima

Liana is a rainforest vine that is rooted in the Earth and uses trees to climb to the light. Liana acts as a vine for divine energy to work through her to align others with a higher vibrational state for healing. As an energy worker, she is a certified White Light Reiki Master and Vortex Energy Healing® Practitioner. Liana utilizes breathwork, vocal release, plant medicine and mindfulness meditation in her practice to silence the mind and induce a transcendent state for healing. She regularly leads energy healing events in NYC and sees clients out of her home office in Brooklyn. Her energy healing work and spiritual insights have been featured in USA Today, Essence Magazine, MindBodyGreen, and Yahoo Lifestyle.

Sylvia Ebony DESROSES

Sylvia Ebony DESROSES is the Master Teacher and founder of SE Yoga, an energetic and meditative style of Yoga. Sylvia Ebony is a sage, an inspiring guide for the people she is destined to serve. SE Yoga, her own style and discipline have been influenced by many years of researches and practices with her mentors across the globe (in Europe, Africa, United States and Central America). Sylvia is passionate about Nature and Wisdom. She passes most of her time alone and cultivating herself. This makes that her energy is very rare, unique, some says “magnetic”. 

Sylvia is a certified Yoga teacher, Holistic Life Coach, African Tradition practitioner, reiki healer, who helps people to stay connected to their own truth and light. She is trained in Kemetic Yoga (Ancient Egyptian), Yoga of the Pharaohs, Yoga Techniques for Education, Mindfulness Meditation, Kemetic Reiki, African Holistic Health and Wellness, Plant Medicine (traditional herbalist) and Spiritual Nutrition. 

She uses Nature & Elements in an original way to encourage others to do the work and embrace their unique purpose in life.

Her teaching style is deeply influenced by her Intuition, studies of African and Caribbean Culture and Modern Yoga styles.

Her credo…. Because you deserve the Best!


Gloria KABE

Private Chef

Originally from the Parisian region, Gloria has already lived in the four corners of the world. This former flight attendant takes advantage of her travels and adventures to sharpen her curiosity. One of his destinations will be an important turning point in his career and will set the tone for his original cuisine.

Self-taught, it is in London that she will make her first big steps as a freelance chef for celebrities and entrepreneur. She specializes in Afro-vegan cuisine that brings together all the African diaspora cuisines in the world revisited with vegan and animal friendly sauce.

After studying higher languages, she decided to discover the world and moved to Canada. It follows then back and forth with France rhythm. But it is after the realization of her childhood dream of knowing Brazil that she decided to start and become a chef.

It is while cooking that she realizes the importance of the body. Her motivational "I eat so I am" urge her to develop a healthy and hearty cuisine that will satisfy the gourmands.


"You have to love to practice this profession, I believe in the human, I love life and know that I can put a smile on a face is my greatest achievement."

The Lodge


Our beautiful 12-room oasis is located on its own private peninsula on the southeast coast of Grenada.

Surrounded on three sides by the sea.


On one side you will find the beautiful beach of Cabier, lined with palm trees, with its calm and clear waters; ideal and safe for swimming and protected by a reef at sea.


On the other side, a shallow bay with shallow coral reefs around the promontory, ideal for snorkeling. From the garden and restaurant, you can enjoy endless views over the expansive expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.


From all rooms of our villa offer spectacular views of the bay, the beach and the sea.


Pleasant hiking trails run through the surrounding nature to the nearby villages of Crochu and La Tante, as well as several uninhabited sandy beaches and their nearby bays.


- Octobre 11-24, 2019 in Grenada

- 1 880,00 $ per person / Single Occupancy (early bird).

- 2 200 $ after 4/30/19.

- All inclusive accommodations, airfare not included.

Deposit: $ 350,00 USD to reserve your accommodation.

Please note that deposits (first installments) are non-refundable.

The package includes:

  • Accommodation in a single suite of 5 nights

  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners

  • Transfer: airport / villa / airport

  • On-site local transportation by car or mini-bus

  • Assistance of the representative of the stay

  • excursions

  • All yoga and wellness workshops

  • Tourist site visits

Not Included :


  • Alcohol

  • Snacks

  • Occasinal transportation

  • Supplementary spa services

  • Gratuities

  • Supplementary activities : excursions, etc...

  • Travel insurance (recommended)

  • Objects of personal nature/souvenirs

  • Conciergie services