Formation des Professeurs


2 - 9 Mars 2019


Yoga Teacher Training

March 8 - April, 2020



with Sylvia DESROSES and an International Team

March 8 - April 10, 2020 - Grenada

RYT 200 * Yoga Alliance Certification in demand for approval


1. History and Philosophy of African Yoga and Yoga

- From Ancient Egypt (KMT) ... to India

- The different African Yoga movements and style in the world: Kemetic Yoga, Yoga of the Pharaohs, Egyptian Yoga, SE Yoga

- Introduction to African languages and terms for Yoga



2. Movements and poses (100h minimum)

- African Yoga Movements and Poses

- Gods and Goddesses poses, Basic Poses


- Asanas (basic, intermediate and advanced postures), bases for leaning forward, standing postures, sitting postures, inversions, balance postures and hip opening

- Shu (breathing techniques, Pranyama)

- Meditation (Full Consciousness)

- Bandhas (Energy Locking), Kriyas (purging techniques)



3. The Se YOGA Teaching Method (25h)

developed by Sylvia Desroses

- Safe, effective and constructive poses corrections

- Basic principles of correct alignment

- Principles and exercises of Asana sequences powerful and creative

- The course of a session, create an appropriate environment

- SE Yoga flow - maintain the flow of the yoga class

- Ability to observe, effective use of accessories (yoga accessories), verbal keywords, music and inspiring elements

- Add variations / difficulty level of attitude and supply variations; - -- Leading a course with different levels

- Teaching Qualities / The Art of Teaching

- Teach specialized audiences: Yoga techniques for Education, Seniors



4. Anatomy and Physiology (20h)

With TBA (to be announced)

- Foundations of the Anatomy and Physiology of Hatha Yoga, Muscular, Skeletal, Respiratory, Digestive, Cardiac and Vascular Systems

- A very well founded and specially designed yoga / anatomy program.

- Spiritual anatomy: karas kasas, aritu, nadis, chakras

5. Philosophy of Yoga and Lifestyle, Nutrition

With TBA (to be announced)

- The 7 Attributes of African Yoga, Wisdom from Kemet and West African

- The Pillars of SE Yoga

- African Holistic Health and Wellness, 

- Energy

- Herbal classes and Workshops: herbal first aid, heal with herbs, culinary herbs and digestion, skin care, do your medicine.

- Personal Ethics

- The role of Nutrition in African Spirituality 

- Nutrition to improve health, digestion and energy balance, as well as detoxification methods

- Principles of yogic nutrition

- The ethical, physical and spiritual reasons for vegetarianism

- The influence of food on the mind, Dietary transitions

- Cultivate love, passion and devotion in your own yoga practice, in teaching and in everyday life


6. Practice (10h)

- Training of participants in small groups

- Yoga classes assistance

- Video recording (Instructional feedback)


- Develop more qualities of Yoga

- Voice awareness and presence in space

- Integration of body work / massage

- Yoga and chakra system (energy centers in the body)



7. Being a Catalyst for Better Living

Online with Ava TAYLOR of Yama Talent (USA / Germany)

- How to Effectively Bring the Tools of Wellness to Communities of All Kinds.

- Which structure? How to develop your name, brand?

- Marketing strategies in yoga (for teachers and studio owners)

- Social networks (effective use strategies facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube)

- Yoga Online

(Introduction to the networks of the world of digital yoga)


Your yoga training will not be completed after 2 weeks.

Yoga is an exciting way of life.

Start this journey here and now!